16 Super Tips to Improve Branding on Instagram

Tips to improve branding on instagram

16 Super Tips to Improve Branding on Instagram Right Now!

Instagram is a great tool to improve branding. But you need to have adequate knowledge of its use. Instagram is a social media platform that has over 1000 million monthly users.

The United States leads the count with over 120 million monthly active users. India ranks second with 67 million users.

 In the US, 25% of Instagram users are between 25 to 34 years old.

Instagram provides users with the option of creating a business account. This is to boost its brand presence. Note that this has to be separate from their personal account.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plays an important role in all social media accounts. Optimizing your Instagram account is essential for your brand presence.

Now, let us have a look into some awesome tips to improve branding on Instagram.

Here are 16 top tips to improve branding on Instagram:

1. Spectacular Visuals

Instagram is all about photos, eye-catching that too. Create photos that are consistent in style, yet simple.

Don’t overcrowd your image with texts. You can always write about what you want in the text area section.

In short, your posts should be visually striking. Be unique and creative, but do not think hard. A simple and good color-coordinated photo will do the trick.

2. Hire graphics professional

Sometimes it pays to hire a professional for creating banners and snaps of your products.

Search for professional photographers. Do a series of photo shoots for your product or services. Or you can hire freelance graphic designers. They create banners and graphics that resonate well with your marketing ideas.

3. Use #hashtags

Hashtags are the most crucial advertising tools on Instagram. The maximum limit is 30 on Instagram, but limit yourself to around 10-20 hashtags.

Instagram gives you recommendations about the most followed hashtags. Click on those and you get a fair idea about how it is used.

You can create your own trending hashtag. This will help your followers to tag you when they buy your products and upload the photo on Instagram.

4. Be Creative

Your followers will love posts that are quirky, unique, witty and creative. Pitch in your products with a good quote accompanied by a visually superior photo. 

You can also add videos and GIF images that help you to boost your brand on Instagram.

5. Promote by reposting snaps

Reposting your followers snap that has your product is a very good tactic to improve your branding on Instagram. This helps in promoting your brand as well as getting more loyal followers.

The people out there connect to your services and products through other customers. This, in turn, increases your brand loyalty and following.

6. Connect through Videos

If you thought that Instagram was for photos, you have got it all wrong.

Videos can act as a great engagement tool many-a-times and can be more effective than photos. Use videos to give a description of your product and services.

You can also create a video of your profile or bio. Include everything right from an introduction to your contact address and number.

7. Make use of free Instagram Tools

Boomerang and Layout are free tools provided by Instagram. These give more effect to your photos and videos.

Use it wisely to generate engagements. Also, create something unique that is different from the monotonous photo posting.

8. Post Engaging Content

Offers, contests, influencers, blogging, partners, trailer- try every trick possible to engage your followers.

The most common example of partnering is when you run a contest and tell your followers to like the partner page. Also, you request to tag 3-5 of their friends to take part in it. You can also ask your partner brand to run a contest in the same way. This will attract more of their followers to like your page.

This mutual partnering is a win-win situation for both and boosts your following on Instagram.

9. Go Live

Live streaming helps to give an authentic look to your brand.

You can go live with a new product launch or hire influencers to do the job of live streaming. But before going live, make sure that you spread the word about it so that your followers are not going to miss it.

Encourage the followers to post their comments or questions during the live stream. This way, they feel more attached to your brand. 

10. IGTV on Instagram

Instagram TV (IGTV) is a stand-alone app. This is aimed to watch longer vertical videos full screen on Instagram. You have to download this app from your Play Store and log in with the same Instagram account.

Create your own business channel through IGTV and you can post videos like on YouTube.

Always include a CTA (Call To Action) back to your website or product. Do not forget to make the video more appealing by adding music while showcasing your product or service.

11. Post Stories

Instagram Stories are becoming more popular than feeds. Most of the businesses have jumped on the bandwagon.

You can post polls, competitions, questions and much other interesting stuff with the location, mood meter, time, texts etc.

It also allows you the Boomerang, Superzoom, Rewind, Type and Hands-Free feature. This is to add some fun to your Instagram marketing.

12. Link in Bio

These are the famous words that most of the brands use when advertising on Instagram. Always add your website link, contact number, contact address, and description in the bio section. For local advertising, be sure to add the location address.

Whenever you run an advertisement for a product launch, change the link in the bio to that web page that contains the new product and not to your homepage. This is an important point that most of the brands ignore and miss out on the opportunity.

13. Paid Promotions

Paid promotions on Instagram can be through photo ads, video ads, carousel ads or stories ads.

Ads help your brand to reach customers and make them aware of it through views and clicks.

You can target location, demographics, interests, behaviors, custom audiences, lookalike audiences or even choose automated targeting through Instagram paid promotions.

Even though Instagram ads are generally costlier than Twitter and Facebook, the engagement rate is higher.

Retargeting reach campaigns work a lot cheaper. They are effective too than running ads on new audiences. 

14. Analysis

Insights form the main basis to improvise your Instagram campaign. The bar chart image at the top of your account profile page is your Insight button. It gives you details like the interactions, discovery, reaches, and impressions according to the dates.

From the audience tab, you get to know the cities and countries, age range, gender and followers by hours and days.

You can also analyze you paid promotions to improvise on it. Use this as a tool to boost your marketing on Instagram.

15. Hire Digital Marketing Professional

It helps to hire a digital marketing professional to do your work in the initial stages.

They are well-versed in the tactics on how to improve your brand and get more followers. You can sign a 3 to 6 months contract based on your financial resources.

Once you get the strategy, you can continue to post by yourself, willing you have the time and sincerity.  

16. Be Active

Last but not least is to be always active on Instagram. This is the most necessary tip to improve branding on Instagram.

Interaction is the only way that will help you in boosting your brand. To be well-known involves dedication, effort, and hard work. Instant success is short-lived.

You need to work on building your brand by posting periodically. Keep yourself updated and increasing your followers on Instagram.               


Remember, if you have to improve branding on Instagram, you have to be consistent. There are many strategies available for the ones interested in increasing their followers. Or you can say, the path becomes clear when you have a proper vision. Be creative and experimental. That is the way to boost your brand on Instagram. Do you have any other tips to improve branding on Instagram? If yes, feel free to share them below in the comment section.

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