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The competition gets strong. Blame it on the popularity of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. These are social media accounts that are famous due to the community culture. You are active on Facebook or Instagram because you share your interests with your friends or with other people who share a similar interest to you. But, what about Quora? Well, they have an answer. SPACES. Yes, Quora Spaces is what we will talk about in this article now.

What is Quora Spaces?

The newly introduced feature, Quora ‘Spaces’, helps you to form communities who share similar interests and tastes like you. So you can either create a space of your liking or follow some other already created space that piques you.    

Why Quora Spaces?

Quora has been a platform wherein people posted questions and got answers. The questions would vary from the most intellectual to the funniest. But, answers- you got it in plenty. As the question, so would be the answer.

Gradually, Quora became the site where people wrote answers for the purpose of getting backlinks. If you were to rank your site, then a backlink from Quora would be in the list of must-dos. So much so that companies would themselves ask questions on Quora, write the answers themselves with adequate links to their website. Many of the companies even get influencers to write answers for questions. In short, Quora helped businesses to get more visitors to their sites. It improved their SEO rankings.

But in search of a more social media based module, Quora has now stepped out from its comfort zone. This feature, Quora Spaces, is still in the trial mode and many are not aware of it. Even those who are aware are not leveraging the advantages of Spaces. The communities formed in it are very less.

Where do you find the Quora Spaces feature on your account?

Log in to your Quora account. As the newsfeed page opens, have a look at the header. You will find the ‘Spaces’ link between the ‘Answer’ and ‘Notifications’. It has an image of 3 people together (community). Any notifications about your space will appear in this link.

When you click on the Spaces link, you get a welcome message. Below it is a list that contains the spaces created, its brief description, the categories to which it belongs, and its contributors. Each space has a clickable ‘follow space’ button with the number of followers specified on it.     

What are the features of Quora Spaces?

Want to know how to create spaces in Quora? Are you interested in forming a community on any particular topic? Form a space on this topic. For this, you have to fill a form first and submit it. If approved, then you become the owner or admin of this space.  

Quora Space Submission Form
  • You can even invite other Quora contributors who will be your collaborators for this specific space.
  • You can share some interesting topics or links from any website on your created space.
  • You can even share the Quora answer links also. So feel free to dig out interesting topics from Quora and share the link in your space.  
  • Readers can join any ‘space’ of their interest. Once following, they get updates on their ‘Spaces’ feed.
  • The users can view contents posted on the spaces they follow. They can upvote and comment on these updates.
  • But users cannot post content on spaces until they have created it. Or, in other words, only the person who has created a specific ‘Space’ can post on it.
  • The users or followers can share content on the space, if and only, the admin has not disabled the option of submissions in his space. Only when the admin approves a submission by the follower, is it shared on the space.  
  • If the creator has included any other member as a collaborator, then he has the right to post content on this space.   
  • The admin runs the space whereas the contributors can post and share in the space and even add other contributors.

More about the page roles of admin and contributors in Quora Spaces

An admin is the one who will be creating a particular space. He can invite other Quora contributors to his space. This way, the admin can keep the space more creative and up to the point. He can control what is shared on his space.

The contributors become the collaborators. Only the admin and the contributors can share and post updates on this space. The contributors, in turn, can invite others to become contributors and add them to the group. Some spaces allow for any other interested persons to become contributors on request.

You can follow any space and invite others also to follow it. The followers will see the space content in their feeds when they click on the Space link above. They will even receive notifications about the spaces they follow.  

How to make the most of Quora Spaces?

Now, that Quora has rolled out the Spaces feature, it is good that individuals and businesses take advantage of it.

As a space creator-                  

  • A person passionate about his business can form a space and invite like-minded people to contribute to it.
  • He can promote his business by sharing relevant and high-quality content on his Quora space.
  • The followers are those who actually like the topic. Hence, you have already got the target audience ready for you.
  • Community building around a specific topic helps to keep it very rich, interesting and interactive.
  • Promoting your services or products on Quora space in the disguise of enriching content will help in organic searches and loyal customers to your site.
  • If you have written a blog on Quora, you can get viewers to it by sharing it on your space.
  • You can even pin an interesting item to show it at the top of the space.
  • You can take the help of influencers to promote the services on your Quora space.
  • You can store the best answers and links on Quora about topics to your specific space.

As a follower-              

If I am interested in a particular topic, say, digital marketing, I will follow only those spaces.

But the confusion that arises is- Quora has already that option wherein only the questions on the field I am interested in shows. So, how is the space feature going to be a different experience for me?

The space in Quora will be more topic-related. It is curated by an admin who is genuinely interested in that topic. You can say the space is a further filtration of the topic that you follow. You will have only the relevant content in it. In simple words, it is curated content.  

As a follower, you can submit content or shares to space. If approved by the admin, it will be shown on the space. You will receive a notification if your submission is accepted. But this feature is possible only if the admin has not disabled the submissions for Space.    

So, Quora ‘Spaces’ is for promoting or sharing content to followers who are genuinely interested in a particular niche or segment.

Some of the interesting Quora Space examples

  1. Christopher VanLang has formed the space ‘Science Lounge’ and it has an entire team of learned people as its contributors. It already has above 12k followers. They keep sharing remarkable stories and topics about research and advancements in science. And yes, the admin of this space has pinned a post at the top of the page. This contains the guidelines of what is to be shared and what not on this space. This space encourages showcasing the scientific content on Quora rather than outside links.
  2. Farm-to-plate is about what is happening with agriculture and food production. It has above 5k followers.
  3. Robert Frost, who is an instructor and flight controller at NASA, has created the space, Space Exploration. It already has above 6k followers. Its contributors all work in the space center. It keeps posting updates on space exploration.
  4. Alecia Li Morgan, the head of business development at Quora has created ‘Straight From The Source’ space that is about some interesting topics and its answers on Quora. It has more than 80k followers.  
  5. Then there are the spaces related to defense, Robotics & AI, Star Trek, Jane Austen, Pokemon, Digital Marketing, and Election.
  6. Incredible India is another Space that has more than 86k followers. Abhinav Sharma, Product designer at Quora has started this space and it has an eclectic mix of contributors.  


It is early to say if Spaces will live up to its expectations. Well, we sincerely do not know what the actual intent of Quora is for rolling out this feature. But, we hope that readers do take adequate recognition of this feature. They can use it to either boost their services/products or share contents that they are passionate about. Either way, you stand to gain, isn’t it?

Have you tried the new feature Quora Spaces? What do you think of the feature Quora Spaces? Write it in the comments below.   

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