Factors to Rank Your Google My Business!

How to rank google my business

Google My Business Ranking Factors.

In this article I am going to talk about Google My Business ranking factors.

Google My Business is the main part of local SEO (local Search Engine Optimization).

According to MOZ survey, your Google My Business listing signals increase your local organic (your local business website) ranking by 25%.

According to Google, when someone wants to buy any service or product in their area (location), that time they search on Google for that particular service or product.

(This search is localized search)

Google always shows Google My Business listing result, when someone searches in Google for anything in their area.

Google officially announced, 10 out of 7 peoples are happy with Google My Business listing result, and 7 out of 5 peoples are visits that shop that they found in Google Maps Listing result.

That’s why, you should rank high in Google My Business listing, when you rank higher in Google My Business then definitely you will increase your sales double and triple time.

Google My Business account ranking is not easy, but you follow these steps perfectly then you can easily rank higher In Google for your targeted keywords.

So let’s start,

  • Age of your Google My Business Listing

Google My Business listing age is one of the main ranking factors of Google My Business, lots of peoples are don’t aware of this factor. When you are in a competitive niche, listing age is really matters for high ranking.

  • Write clear, concise headings and description with your keywords

We all know proper keyword targets play a good role for a high rank in Google. When you add your targeted keyword in Title and description, you will increase your 30% chance to get ranking on those keywords that you target.

  • Right Google My Business category Associations

Google has 2395 local business categories, it’s very difficult for Google to determine your business based on your Title and description keywords, and Google gives you a good ranking based on your right category selection.

For Example: You offer IT related services in your area (location), you select restaurant related business categories in Google my Business category. When you select restaurant related category (wrong category) Google thinks provide restaurant related services in your area so Google will give you ranking in restaurant list, but this is worthless for you, that’s why you should select the right category.

By chance your business category is not available in those Google local business categories then you can select related categories around your business, but you can’t add your category in Google My Business Categories.

Here you can add more additional categories, but categories should be related to your business.

NAP same as your website

NAP is the main ranking factor of Google Maps Business listing because Google counts your NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number) as citations. I will explain to you about citations later, but here you must know that your NAP is similar to your website NAP.

  • Get High-Quality Review

Google My Business listing is one type of online representation of your small business, and Review is very important for online representation.

Reviews are the main ranking factor of Google. according to MOZ local ranking factor survey, if your business listing has a high-quality review so those reviews increase your business listing ranking in Google by 15.44%.

Reviews increase your ranking and also High-Quality Reviews convert people into your customer, it means high-quality review increase your business listing ranking and also sale.

According to HubSpot survey, 80% of people are read an online review about that product and service on Google before they buy anything.

That’s why all small business says their previous customers for high-quality reviews.

  • Provide Value in Review Response

Google not officially announced yet review response as a ranking factor of Google My Business but lots of Local SEO Expert says Review response can improve your business listing ranking.

Whatever review response improve your ranking or not, but review response definitly increase your sale, How?

You know all reviews are not a positive review, 4 out of 10 reviews are negative on all business listing.

No one likes negative reviews about their products and services because negative reviews hurt their brand value in the market.

You do not worry about negative reviews, you should react positively to those negative reviews.

Your positive response to those negative reviews will give you more customers.

According to Review Tracker survey, 44.6% of people said that if the owner has responded to negative reviews then they would be more likely to visit the business.

If your listing has a negative review so you should respond to those reviews in the right way.

  • Social media (Social signals)

Social media set up and social media profile engagement increase your Google My Business listing by 2.82%.

Your Facebook business page set up will increase your business citations.

And also you can get customers by doing social media marketing.

  • Schema.org integration

Schema code is one type of micro-data HTML code, using this code you can inform all search engines about your business additional information like local listing, special event, product, etc.

By using local schema markup code, you can inform Google about your Google My Business local listing.

In short, adding schema markup in your website you can more easily inform about your service and product to Google.

Your website on-page and off-page are good, and Google knows about your product and services then you have a good chance for high ranking in your location.

  • Local Citations

I covered the above, citations are very important for local ranking. Your business NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number) is mention on another website and listing, that information is citations.

Your business citations impact to your local business ranking by 10.82%.

You can increase your citations by submitting your NAP to another local business site (local business directory).

  • Your website on-page and off-page signals

When you use your business NAP on Google My Business Listing, and you also integrate the local schema markup code in your website, Google knows that there is also a local listing of your website.

If you do a proper on-page setup like right local keyword targeting in the title, content, social media integration, internal links management, etc.

This setup will increase your Google My Business ranking.

When you get a backlink from a local website or blog to your website, that link boosts your website ranking in the local organic result and as well that like also boosts your Google My Business ranking too.

  • Google My Business listing Question & Answer Option

Question and answer options are one of Google’s trending ranking factor, many people are not familiar with this ranking factor, so you should take advantage of this factor.

Feel free to say to your customers to ask their questions in question & answer box, when they ask their questions then you should give an answer with valuable information.

If you are in a very competitive niche then this strategy helps you very much.

Maybe this question and answer, helps you to convert people into your customers.

I hope now your all confusion is clear about Google My Business ranking factor, I added those ranking factors, that are work in 2019 and even beyond.

Still, if you have any doubt or any question regarding Google My Business, feel free to ask me in the comment box.

I will give an answer to all your questions and solve your confusion.

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