101 – Must have Resources for Digital Marketing in future

101 New Skill-Sets for Digital Marketers in Future


Current technology innovations have continued to be on the highlights of telecommunications; the internet and the media with the two aspects combining to create new strategies for global enterprises; this will ensure bright future of digital marketing economy.

The digital economy holds an avalanche of opportunities for all persons from all works of life in an unlimited global market for all products and services all of which adopts the digital marketing strategies to attract her target customers.

Many films in 2019 have confirmed the digital economy as their only channel to advance brand essence and most importantly the next five years has been termed the golden age with much predictions for unlimited digital innovations.

The future holds a lot for the digital economy. To play in the future of the digital economy, one requires a new mindset, new skill-sets, and new tool-sets. For Basic Knowledge about Digital Marketing read our guide on How to Grow Your Career in Digital Marketing

Chief in the mindsets required for understanding the future of digital marketing and preparing for it is the fact that every individual can succeed online, using his or her talents, skills or areas of gifting to attracts a thriving job, or start a new product/services by using such talents to influence a community of audience which would be turned to potential customers.

Albeit, to do this one need to be abridged of the following jobs, the needed skills with their associated tools:

1. S.E.O Optimization and Content Creation

SEO Optimization
SEO Optimization

In more than 50% of online purchases, it’s initiation all starts with a search engine questions. Working in this aspects of the digital market requires that one creates contents like articles which meets up with search engine optimization rules. Contents with good SEO is ranked high in the search engines thus generating organic traffic of potential customers.

The skills required in this aspects of the digital market includes:

  • Keywords search
  • Content creation
  • Link building
  • Outreach
  • PageRank-PR
  • Guest posting
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Visual content
  • Marketing/Infographics
  • Web page structuring
  • Competitor analysis
  • Traffic analysis and reporting

The key tools required for a S.E.O Optimization and Content creation includes:


Digital Advertising
Digital Advertising

This niche in digital marketing entails sending instant traffic to a website in the forms of Ads and other internal link advertising strategy.

The skills required in these aspects of the digital market include:

  • PPC se-up
  • PPC campaign strategies
  • Bid management
  • Campaign optimization
  • Managing Ad campaign on search engines.
  • Budget allocations
  • Performance analytics
  • ROI Reporting

The key tools required for PPC includes:


Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation

Email marketing is the easiest campaign to launch. It has the cheapest ROI within digital marketing. It is likewise aimed at driving sales through email campaign by having people subscribe for updates on your products and services.

The skills required in this aspects of the digital market includes:

  • Email strategy planning
  • Email campaign creation
  • Email copywriting
  • Template creation
  • Email segmentation
  • Email strategy planning
  • Email campaign creation
  • Email copywriting
  • Lead scoring and personalization
  • Email graphics design
  • Email campaign analysis and reporting
  • Email automation

The key tools required for Email marketing includes:


Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an influencer marketing strategies which works by building a network of followers; a social media audience that is possible to target customers. It requires that businesses should have a social media presence where they campaign for loyal followers.

For Career Guidence in Digital Marketing Read This Article:- How to Become Digital Marketing Expert in 2019

The skills required in this aspects of the digital market includes:

  • Community growth and management
  • Customer services
  • Social media management/online PR
  • Engaging post creation
  • Viral marketing
  • Social media marketing analysis and reporting

The key tools required for social media marketing includes:


User Experience
User Experience

This involves technical skills with in-depth knowledge requiring the ability to create an algorithmic program that is able to provide a simple and smooth experience to users.

The skills required in this aspects of the digital market includes:

  • Web design
  • Responsive design
  • Landing pages
  • Lead captures
  • List building
  • Headline writing
  • Copywriting
  • Split testing
  • Conversations optimization
  • UX analysis and reporting

The key tools required for User experience includes:


Coaching jobs in the digital economy involves training of persons who are internet savvy on how to apply their skills using the necessary tools to carve out a niche in the digital market.

This coaching jobs can adopt an online approach; building a website where intended learners could visit to read your expository articles and ask their questions. Another common approach to coaching is by running seminars in a way of Industrial Training classes (IT) for intending marketers.

Recently, many firms are beginning to need the service of a digital marketer for the training of their employees to effectively Mann the digital market handle of their company.

To be a coach in this way, one would need to be abridged of most if not all the skills and usages of the tools above. A digital marketing coach would also need to keep their digital know-how up-to-date, fresh and relevant in order to remain sought for.


There is an intertwined relationship between these skills. With the the social media marketing channel playing a central role in the digital economy. For instance, a good content curator would need the social media tools to be able to market it correctly either by sharing of links and abstract of his contents, or by creating backlinks to their blog sites. Likewise, for Ads campaign management in PPC, a success in this would require a healthy social media audience. In the same vane, to captivate and have the social media followers stay on your landingpage, the UX is necessary to make it user friendly and beautifully designed. What ever niche one chooses to specialise, being knowledgeable about other spheres in digital economy is necessary for understanding how one skill works in respect to another and how they affect each other.

Which Skills you are going to upgrade in 2019 to becoming a masters in digital marketing Comment Below......

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