What is Technology? How it has turned us in 2019?

what is Technolgy


The definition of the term Technology has evolved both in concept and in component.  Its etymology is  a combination of the Greek word technē, “art, craft,” with logos, “word, speech,” which meant a discourse on the arts, both fine and applied. 

By the early 20th century, it was defined to include the methods, practices,  and theories; in addition to tools and machines by which man  industrialised his environment.

20th century saw the highlight of technology in infrastructural innovations as it created amazing tools functional and utility devices and resources, which helped to make lives easier, faster, better and more fun.

Presently, technology is a pretty wide-ranging concept. An attempt to define Technology in 2019 will include;  the total knowledge and skills available to any human society for industry, art, science, etc through such tools and media as telecommunication (media and internet), and high-tech infrastractures.

The highlight of technology in 2019 and; very likely, the next five years is the unmatched innovations and diverse utilities of telecommunication; especially, the internet.


  • Construction  Technology such elevator.
  • Transportation Technology such as  aircraft.
  • Energy/Power Technology such as solar panels, wind turbines etc.
  • Manufacturing technology such as appliances.
  • Agriculture and Bio-Technology such as farm robots.
  • Medical and Assistive Technology.
  • Telecommunication.


  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Mobile phones
  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Robotics
  • Sensors
  • 3-D Printers
  • Cameras
  • Professional Broadcasting Communication Equipment such as communication satellites.
  •  Superintelligence.
  • And many other evolving software programs.


The turn of technology in 2019 is that of  a multinational (global) technology companies focusing in e-commerce, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. Very important examples of such companies include; Amazon, Google, Apple, and Facebook.

They are called the ‘Four Horsemen” of technology due to its market capitalization, disruptive innovation, brand equity and hyper-competitive application process. Other companies worthy of mention include; Samsung Electronics, Foxconn, Alphabet Inc., Microsoft, Dell Technologies, Huawei, Intel, IBM, Hitachi, HP Inc., Hewlett-Packard Company, Cisco Systems. Oracle, etc.

Interestingly this list includes companies whose primary business activities are associated with technology industry which includes computer hardware, software, electronics, semiconductor, internet, telecom equipment, e-commerce and computer services.

This companies are the hub of technology in 2019, an understanding of their services and how to play along is key in keeping up to trends.

Anyone failing to keep abreast of this radical change is losing out on an opportunity!


  • Turns of Technological Advancement in Marketing

2019 welcomed an emense revolution of technological advancement in digital marketing with a developed enormous wisdom, imagination & innovation in the digital economy. Very important about digital economy is that it has appreciated every bit of skills an individual has into a treasured assets.

People can now turn their talents & abilities into a thriving industry through digital innovation programs. Sportsmen & women, movie stars, entertainers, ministers & fashionistas today are producing far more from their abilities through followerships from influencer marketing, a digital marketing tool. And this is a new definition of business.

2019 thus, is a year where what is required to strive is a new mindset, new skill-sets & new tool-sets that is able to launch one into the unlimited digital market. Notable key drivers of the e-commerce system is renown industries like Amazon, Interswitch, Mainstreet Technologies, Zinox Technologies, Omatek, etranzact, Paga, Globacom, Jumia, Konga, iROKO Partners etc.

  • Turns of Technological Advancement in Communications

Technology has changed communications in a most remarkable way. From struggles in interpersonal communications across distance, strict adherence to TV stations or newspapers in order to keep abridged of happenings, … to a present turn where an individual has an unlimited capacity of audience reachable and access to information  in a click of a button.

Media had been so much overwhelmed by the activities of social media system such that the definition of media had become the ability to put an information for global access. Notable in the drivers of the media system is giants industries like Facebook, Twitter, whatsap, YouTube, Uber etc. It will be much correct to say that The social media system are the current world powers.

The ability to reache out and  the capacity of audience one is able to wield is only dependent on the quality and relevance of contents one has to offer.

From this sense, the definition of business in 2019 is become the ability to create content and market it through the appropriate media. Also, the revolution of technology in Communications has offshoots into other aspects of the economy like transportation; such like online booking, ordering for a ride online and much more.

  • Turns of Technological Advancement in our Society

The effect of technology  in the 21st century,  has allowed globalization to take on a more immediate presence in people’s lives than ever before.

It has become faster, cheaper and easier to trade, receive various services such as in the entertainment industries which had evolved from supplying cassettes, to Compact disk… and presently in a much concise form like subscribing for Search light Tv.

Technology is affecting every aspects of human lives especially on areas like financial policy, employment, politics, relationship, transportation etc.

  • Turns of Technological Advancement in  healthcare

The healthcare system has also recorded  notable innovations most of which are powered by the telecommunication.

Examples include; the introduction of electronic health record; which is way better to the old paper documentation style, the technological advancements in the health care industry have provided doctors with the opportunity to treat patients in a virtual environment, use of sensors and remote monitoring tools; like carbon II oxide sensors, various assistive devices including the use of robotic devices in medical management etc.

 Turns of Technological Advancement in  Educational systems

The educational sector is not left out, notable revolutions like the transition from physical library to visual library, the corporation of visual class rooms with video conferencing through the service of industries like Skype, Zoom etc, has turned us into a unified global educational structure as information and opportunities is made available to all without barriers of distance and funding.


The innovative revolutions that will be a reality in few years to come will far surpass what has been experienced in the past. Rather than being overwhelmed, embrace technology to discover how it can enhance your life.

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