Social Media Marketing hack to Grow in 2019.

Social Media Marketing Hacks to grow in 2019

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a type of internet marketing that involves creating and sharing content with the use of social media platforms to promote products or services. Social media marketing works by influencers advertising.

An attempt to launch a social media campaign is a strategy to raise loyal followers by building a strong social media presence as well as to take a place as a thought leader within a niche.

With healthy followership, companies with businesses related to your niche would want to advertise their products and services in your sites. Social media presence is the current trend in advertising.

The belief is that most people trust recommendations from social influencers, friends, and family much more than the classical way of advertising.

For your businesses, to have a social media presence is equivalent to stepping out of your film to associate with your customers ( including current and potential customers, current and potential employees, journalists, bloggers, competitors, and the general public) for a better understanding of what they value most.

It will afford you to actively listen to your consumers, investigate your competitors and meet with top influencers in your niche, thereby boosting your brand.

For Bloggers, having a social media presence is beneficial for content promotion — Social media marketing is a perfect channel for sharing your best site and blog content with readers.

Once you build a loyal following on social media, you’ll be able to attract organic traffic from social media to your sites.


Social media marketing involves activities like posting text and image updates, videos, and and other content that drives audience engagement, as well as paid social media advertising. Social media marketing all starts by opening an official social media page; FACEBOOK page for example. Your choice of a page, your niche, in which particular social media platforms and investments on it will be dependent on: what you are hoping to achieve through social media marketing, who your target customers are, Which social media platforms your target audience are most likely to be.

Having made your choice for a startup; the following skills (as outlined in the previous article-101 resources for digital marketing in future) will be necessary in steps to launching a successful social media campaign:

Social Media Management

Social media marketing also is known as social media management, is concerned with strategies for business growth using the digital market. It involves: strategizing, and content creation, for the promotion of products or services as a brands representative.

It’s also concerned with advertising, promotion, and tracking attribution. A good example of a social media manager is a private individual who is in a campaign to make a social media presence.

An outline of a social media managers steps towards launching a social media campaign will include:

  • Strategizing with an understanding of who your audience are, their needs and how your products or services are positioned to provide their need.
  • Kick-starting with good loads of contents (5 or more contents at hand)
  • Efforts to be original and pioneering
  • Maintaining a consistent brand image/consistent profile
  • Being abridged with necessary hashtags for your niche and their proper use in different social media platforms.
  • Adjusting strategies and adopting to current trend by addressing and implementing the results gotten from analytics.
  • Learning from your competitors and top influencers.

Community Growth and Management

Community management, is concerned with relationship building and maintenance with the target audience. This involves networking with others in the audience to help engage the audience thereby promoting the brand.

Very simple example of community managers is to have loyal followers who shares your contents and responds or comments favourably to promote your brand.

An outline of a community managers steps towards launching a social media campaign will include:

  • Handling community discussions by answering questions to address the customers queries.
  • Broadcasting and Re-broadcasting to increase outreach and bring more potential customers.
  • Moderation of comments
  • Managing multiple social media platforms solely for the promotion of the brand.
  • Engaging the customers by asking questions that prompts their response and by offering guidance.
  • Understand the values and customs of the community.
  • Give appreciative feedback to customers who help your brands promotion.

Engaging Post Creation

With many millions of social media users posting content, a little more efforts is required to get your contents to the target audience. Making engaging social media content is one great way enter and make a lead in a niche.

An outline of possible tasks towards making an engaging social media content in launching a social media campaign will include:

  • Use multiple hashtags to increase your reach and tag top influencers and bloggers in your niche.
  • Where possible making multiple posts of your contents with different headlines.
  • Doing a social media Contests
  • Doing a social media Surveys
  • Making your sites easily reached by adding social media buttons on all your profiles.
  • Making interactive social media posts like quizzes, puzzles etc.
  • Use of pictures, videos and infographics.

Viral Marketing

Is making a post which is able to generate interest and the potential sale of a brand or product through messages that spread like a virus. In other words, quickly, and from person to person.

The idea is for it to be the users themselves that choose to share the content. The advantage of getting individuals to pass on a marketing message is that these people become your marketing team, for free.

Viral marketing on the internet can take the form of video clips, flash games, ebooks, software images, text messages, web pages, memes, and so forth.

The ultimate goal of marketers interested in creating successful viral marketing programs is to create viral messages that appeal to individuals with high social networking potential (SNP) and that have a high probability of being presented and spread by these individuals and their competitors in their communications with others in a short period of time.

In other cases, virality could be by luck, from a video uploaded by a private user that all of a sudden becomes popular and begins to circulate all around the Internet.

An outline of steps towards a viral marketing strategies in launching a social media campaign will include:

  • Set and define the Goal: promoting a new products for a example.
  • Research and development of creative campaign ideas.
  • Develop the technical and promotional strategy to achieve the goal.
  • Create a potential viral content.
  • Leverage the Power of Influencers
  • Provide buttons for call to action, share button for example.

Social Media Marketing Analysis and Reporting

SMM analysis and reporting helps to keep track of progress and growths in the Social media campaign. It involves putting the growths and activities on figures.

Social media analytics helps to direct an informed campaign. This it does by; Making it possible to access insights for measuring the performance of your strategies thus knowing where to do better.
Most times this figures are imported from the stats page using tools like:

An outline of the data a social media manager may need for a proper recording and analysis towards launching a social media campaign will include:

  • Recording followers growth
  • Number of posts
  • Mentions of your sites in others post
  • Reach Rate Total engagement
  • Clicks/traffic
  • Social media metrics analysis
  • Competitive analysis of social media profiles
  • Social referral traffic
  • Funnel stuffs/sale funnel

An SMM Will also need keen skills in SEO for his quality contents-get details on SEO


Now we can say that social media marketing is very important for any business who want to reach to their potential customer through digital platform.

Social Media is powerful as much as “Rocket” if you use it in the right way then it will give you the valuable result but if you use it in the wrong way then it will harm you as well.

Tell me “Have your ever used social media for your business or not” Comment down your answer.

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