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Now You can Be Author on Heartbeat Techno

Good News…… Good News……. Good News…… Good News…….

Now you can write article For Heartbeat Techno and Be a part of India’s no.1 Tech and Digital Marketing Blogging Community.

If you want to share your knowledge or help people with your content and be a part of community then you are welcome…

Rules for Writing Article:-

  1. Article will be 100% Unique ( Dont copy and paste article allowed)
  2. You can only add one backlink, but if you want to add more than one backlink then first contact Admin and give permission from admin then preceed further.
  3. You must have to upload one image related to article.
  4. Post must should be more than 500 words.
  5. Language you can use to write article is only in “English

Writing Guidelines:-

  1. Add at least one image in the article (Image should be related to the article)
  2. You can use copyright free images from “Pixabay” or “Pexels” (Don’t use the image directly from Google or anywhere else otherwise article will not be approved)
  3. Write your article in a small paragraph so that readers can read article easily and engage with your article.
  4. Use only trusted links in the article to avoid spam.
  5. Don’t use your website link in the article for more than one time.

How to be a Publisher?

After reading above rules and guidlines for writing you are ready to become a publisher in our community.

To become a Publisher Mail us on following mail id with your “Name”, “Your Image”.

In Subject Line mention “Apply For Publisher”.

Email :- [email protected]

Now you have to wait for approval from admin site and than after approval you have to login into your dashboard to publishing your first post and become part of our community.

Login Here:- Welcome to Heartbeat Techno

Benifits to Join this Community:-

  • You can teach other bloggers and readers about what knowledge you have and by helping them you can get more exposure and become a successfull personality between them.
  • By helping them people can trust you and this can make you more confident in life to do more like this.
  • If you have website then you can get backlink from us in your article and by doing that your website can get rank easily in serach engine and you can get more traffic in your website.
  • You can earn money through this by promoting your product throug your content and divert our traffic in your landing pages, blog etc.
  • We have reward system for our write in that we can give gift to our top rated writer every month to encourage them.

I hope you are going through this all of steps and will be excited to join our community to become great personality.

So Don’t Wait Hurry Up Join Now…………..

Good Luck…..

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