13 Hacks on how to Use YouTube for Business Marketing!

13 Hacks on how to Use YouTube for Business Marketing!

Introduction of YouTube Marketing

Youtube Marketing
13 Hacks on how to Use YouTube for Business Marketing!

When people think of a popular online video site, YouTube is the first name that runs on their mind. Why not? YouTube marketing, today, is a must for businesses who want to promote their products and services.

YouTube started in the year April 2005. Its first video was that of its co-founder Jawed Karim titled ‘Me at the Zoo’. Its first video to get 1 million views was a Nike advertisement. It was a clip of soccer player Ronaldinho receiving his Golden Boots.

Today, the total number of YouTube monthly active users stand at 1.57 billion. More than 5 billion videos have been shared online. YouTube has changed the video viewing history forever.

Well, undoubtedly, it is the second largest search engine in the world. It is the third most visited website with Google and Facebook taking the first two places.

YouTube has to be one of the prime promotional mediums of your brand for advertising. The benefits of using YouTube for business are many. It offers so many advantages to communicate with new and existing customers.

Small businesses usually use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to boost their branding. But with YouTube marketing, you can promote your business on a more influential platform than other social media marketing accounts.

Creating and posting videos is a great way to boost your brand visibility on YouTube. But, how do you generate leads on YouTube? Here, we have listed some of the important tips to get you more customers on YouTube for your business.

1.     Create an Effective YouTube Business Channel

Create your own business channel on YouTube. Keep your YouTube business account different from your personal account.

Fill in the profile and channel description in the best way. Describe in brief about your brand.

Upload the profile picture and channel art that best focuses your brand. You can use the Canva tool to create channel art.

Do not forget to add your website link. You also have to add the other social media network links here.

2.     Channel Trailer

First of all, create an impressive video of what your business provides.

Cover all the important aspects. Complete it with the contact number and address. Let it be short and crisp. Upload this to YouTube.

Make this video as the channel trailer for all the new and unsubscribed visitors to your channel.

3. Create small videos of your products 

Now, it is time to start with your official YouTube marketing brand promotion.

Create short videos of your brand services or products.

There are many tools available on the internet to edit and create videos. You can use the free or the paid versions.

Start off with the free version as this will be your trial videos. Upload the video to YouTube.

4.     Search Engine Optimization

After you upload your video, optimization is the next step.

This involves filling the description, title, and tags. Remember not to skip this important aspect.

Select a suitable title keeping the most searched keyword in mind. Write a description with all the relevant keywords included in it.

The most searched keywords can be got from the YouTube search filter itself.

Your video will appear in the Google Search Engine Page Rankings if it is optimized.

You increase the authority of your website when you use YouTube for your business marketing strategy.    

5.     Upload Videos that Resonate with your Brand

Create videos that will have value to the customers.

One great idea is to create short tutorials about how to use your product.

Another one might be the advantage of your services.

If you have a video testimonial, then it is a good way of getting customers to trust your brand.

Video reviews help customers to know you better. Target the demographics of your business.

6.     Live Stream         

Reaching audiences got better with the live streaming feature of YouTube.

Before you can live stream any event, you have to get your account verified. If you are enabling live stream for the first time, it may take up to 24 hours.

There are various benefits of live streaming. You can live stream a product launch, a news conference, product or service promotion, live announcement, online tutorials, live chats or question & answer sessions.

Social connections and interactions during the live event are valuable.

But spread the word about the event and your live stream process well in advance. Put lots of efforts to let the people know the time when the viewers can tune in.

Promote the video archive for those who weren’t able to tune in live. 

7.     Engage with the Followers

At the end of every video, request the viewers to like and share it. Encourage them to add comments.

Request them to subscribe to your channel. Tell your followers to click the bell icon. They can get notifications whenever you upload new videos.

Ask people to add comments and react in the comment box. This way you get a lot of good suggestions and ideas.

Respond to negative criticisms by quick positive answers showing your professionalism.

8.     Be Consistent

Consistency is the key to get more followers on YouTube.

You need to put in efforts to create videos and post it on YouTube. Be regular with your posts so that you engage your followers.

Being successful requires time and efforts. Be patient as you continue your work.

9.     Share the Videos on other Social Media Platforms

Do not forget to share the uploaded videos on other social media platforms too. Request your friends to share them with others.

The more shares and backlinks mean that you have created a valuable content. This will increase your search engine rankings. If you want to improve your SEO, read our valuable article on social media marketing.

10.  Call-to-Action

What is the sole aim of creating videos?

This is to get more viewers. Hence, include several call-to-actions (CTA) in your video.

You can do it in two ways. One is by adding cards and the other is end screens.

You can add poll cards, link cards, channel cards, donation cards or video cards to your video.

End screen is used at the end of the video to point viewers to other videos or channels. It is also used to call viewers to subscribe to your channel. Another important use is to promote your website.

But note that there are requirements of you to join their YouTube Partner Program. By this, you are eligible to use linking to websites, crowdfunding, or merchandise sites.   

11. Paid Promotions for Brand Advertising

You can promote your product on YouTube using the TrueView video ads.

There are quite a few formats for advertising on YouTube. Your video campaign may be TrueView In-Stream, Discovery or the Bumper type.

These are the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads. You can set up the amount you are willing to pay for each click also called the maximum CPV (cost per view).

Target your ads by selecting the right demographics, interests or keywords. To get more effective results, try to have 2 or more campaigns with different approaches.

Make use of the analysis tool to watch which campaign gives you better results.

But remember, paid promotions do not work in the long run. Keep the viewers engaged by posting good content videos. Only then will you be successful in retaining them.

12. Influencer Marketing for YouTube to get more Views

Influencer marketing is on every social media platform. YouTube is not far behind. In fact, the visual appeal is more likely to entice customers to buy your product.

First of all, identify that influencer whose area of expertise resonates with your product. Suggest a few concepts to include your brand in their video.

Do not make a video about the influencer harping about the product features. Instead, focus on how the product makes the life of the influencer better.

There are different ways to run the influencer marketing campaign.

  • One is to collaborate with a YouTube star or celebrity and ask them to recommend your product.
  • In the ‘unboxing video’, a person will unpack your new product and talk about its features and uses.
  • One more method is to post a tutorial or demonstration video of your product by a YouTuber.
  • You can also make a creative campaign featuring a celebrity. Integrate your product into it.
  • Vlogging is an interesting concept today. Here, a person discusses on camera something that interests them. You can get the famous vloggers on YouTube to talk about your product.     

13. Making Good Use of Analytics

Google provides the Analytics section to track the performance of your posted videos. This is a powerful tool to get your advertising fundamentals right.

You even get the real-time report about the number of views and the average view duration. You get everything from the demographics to the devices and traffic locations. Study this to better your marketing strategy.

If you have paid promotion campaign, then check out the dashboard to know the number of views.

Tweak your advertising campaign to get better results based on the analytics provided.  


Marketing is not just the focus on your product and its features. It is promoting the brand through the eyes of the users.

The social media platforms have evolved as powerful mediums to raise brand awareness. If harnessed in the right way, YouTube can help you to reach a global audience.

The trick is to keep learning. It is a patient wait. Put all your efforts and be consistent.

Focus on all the important aspects we have covered here on how to use YouTube to market your business. Improvise each time and keep yourself updated.

If you have any other useful tips on how to use YouTube channel for business marketing, write it in the comment section below. 

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